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Clients / Partners

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Car Care Business Magazine,
October 2016

According to repair shop owner Jeremy Artis, the Carrus ExpressWay software solution completely transformed the way he manages his business, and raised his expectations.

“It’s as different as night and day,” says Artis, who operates a New Millenium Tire & Automobile in Oakville, Ont. “The ROI on my investment is potentially ten-fold, as the simplicity and efficiency of the information and the various customizable modules prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Carrus team are automotive industry specialists.”

For Jeremy Artis, it is the level of support and efficiency of the Carrus team that is the main difference with other management systems in the market. “Their job doesn’t finish with the sale of the management platform, as they accompany us for the entire journey. The consultants know the realities we face and are right there during installation. Afterwards, just one call, and all our questions are answered. We really feel as if we are evolving at the same rate as the technology itself. My only regret is that we didn’t get it sooner.”

The main feature of the software program that Artis says impresses him the most is the level of intuitiveness with his specific area of expertise – tires. Customer vehicle tracking, simplified parts ordering and invoicing, and accounts receivable management are one mouse-click away… and the program is loaded with tools and features that simplify and reduce paperwork management. As the program is accessible to every shop workstation, interdepartmental communications are vastly improved. The fact that Carrus performs an automatic backup of all daily transactions is another much-appreciated feature, as it offers additional peace-of-mind.

“I sincerely believe this software can provide invaluable services to automotive aftermarket stakeholders all across the country. The Carrus team members are dependable and available and they listen to our needs,” Artis says.” This is what makes Carrus so different.”

Sylvain Lacroix, Pièces d’Auto Lacroix
Auto Parts Plus

« We have used JMS ever since it arrived on the market nearly 15 years ago, and we have never regretted our decision. It is a system that is reliable, fast, scalable and easy to use, and meets all of our needs. The technical support offered by the Carrus team is impeccable; this is one of the things I appreciate the most. The advent of the electronic catalog and the integration of price lists make day-to-day tasks much easier for our 65 employees who are working at our 4 locations. »

Benoit Lemieux Ayotte,
owner of ProColor
in Beloeil and St-Basile/McMasterville

« CollisionWay allows us to see what is happening in the shop in real-time. The detailed reports allow us to evaluate employee performance and to see how much time is spent on each vehicle. The punch system is easy to use, the management of courtesy vehicles is simplified – and that’s without even mentioning the integrated accounting module that facilitates the day-to-day management of our operations. »

Gilbert Boutin,
Docteur du Pare-Brise d’Amos
Val-d’Or et Rouyn-Noranda

« GlassWay facilite la gestion des factures de réclamations d’assurance; une fonctionnalité que nous apprécions beaucoup. Nous sommes par ailleurs en mesure de visualiser l’inventaire entre chacune des trois succursales, ce qui constitue un plus pour nous. Avec son système de facturation simple avec rappel intégré et sa prise de rendez-vous, GlassWay facilite nos opérations courantes. »

Julien Côté,
Carrossier ProColor Roberval

« In September of 2014 we decided to add the payroll module to our CollisionWay software. We love it! It’s user-friendly and saves us time. Had we known, we would have adopted it much sooner. As always, the customer service provided by Carrus is excellent, which is something we really appreciate. We have relied on the Carrus team for over 15 years and feel like we are almost part of the family! »

Claire Messier,
Garage Messier de Terrebonne

« In March of 2013, after using the same software for 25 years and after considerable reflection, we decided to change systems and opted for AutoWay. After getting used to the new system, we are now happy to be working with an all-in-one solution that allows us to eliminate certain manual tasks, including the balancing of accounts. AutoWay allows us to tightly manage our work thanks to the analytics tools it provides, including the user dashboard. »