All-in-One Management System
for the Collision Repair Industry

The benefits

CollisionWay is a management system specifically designed to meet the needs of garage owners and workshops that specialize in the repair of damaged vehicles.

CollisionWay makes managers’ jobs easier by providing software tools that comply with the requirements of insurance partners and allow for optimal shop management. From evaluation to delivery, and every reparation step in between, CollisionWay is the management solution for the bodywork industry.

For each rendered service created, CollisionWay allows you to control the job cost before proceeding to the final invoice. In this way you are able to evaluate the profitability associated with each department.

Our collision management software provides you with an appointment scheduler designed especially for the automotive repair industry, and includes an integrated time cycle feature for easy personnel management. CollisionWay allows you to create different types of appointments, including estimates, repairs and deliveries, as well as reservations of replacement vehicles.

CollisionWay’s progress grid allows you to see what’s happening in your workshop in real time without having to leave your desk.


  • Easily interfaces with Mitchell and Audatex evaluation software
  • Real-time visuals of workshop activity with progress grid
  • Replacement vehicle management
  • Easy-to-use punch system for better control of work schedules and performance evaluation
  • User-friendly appointment scheduling tool
  • Cycle time and job cost management
  • Internal messaging for better communication
  • Integrated accounting and payroll module
  • Management of non-driveable vehicles
  • Scalable bilingual system with regular updates

CollisionWay allows us to see what is happening in the shop in real-time. The detailed reports allow us to evaluate employee performance and to see how much time is spent on each vehicle. The punch system is easy to use, the management of courtesy vehicles is simplified – and that’s without even mentioning the integrated accounting module that facilitates the day-to-day management of our operations.

Benoit Lemieux Ayotte
owner of ProColor in Beloeil and St-Basile/McMasterville


In September 2014, we decided to integrate the payroll module with our CollisionWay software. We love it! It is user-friendly and saves us time. Had we known, we would have adopted it sooner. As always, the customer service is excellent – something that we particularly appreciate. We’ve had confidence in the Carrus team for 15 years. We are almost a part of the family!

Julien Côté
Carrossier ProColor Roberval