All-In-One Management System for
the Mechanic Repair and Tire Industry

The benefits

On top of saving you time, AutoWay helps you manage your customer relationships in a professional and simplified manner.

Thanks to AutoWay’s detailed vehicle repair history, you can see all of the repairs that have been made on a vehicle at a glance. You are then able to provide a personalized service experience to your customers and to offer additional parts or services to make your offer stand out from the competition.

AutoWay also allows your customers to book appointments online. Appointments booked via your website will appear automatically in the Appointment Calendar of your AutoWay software. This ensures that you are always up-do-date with service appointments. As well, your customers benefit by receiving a confirmation email when an appointment is booked.

Each appointment can be updated to indicate a rendered service or estimate for greater efficiency and improved continuity between the different stages of repair. For each rendered service created, AutoWay allows you to control the job cost before issuing the final invoice. You are also able to evaluate the profit margin associated with each department.

AutoWay makes it easy to transfer your purchase of inventory entries to the accounting, allowing for the smooth management of your tires and auto parts inventory as well as simple calculating of your gross profit margin on parts and service.


  • Easy-to-use billing system with reminder feature
  • Streamlined customer relationship management
  • Detailed repair history for better follow-up and improved service offer
  • Easy-to-use punch system for better control of work schedules and performance evaluations
  • User-friendly online appointment scheduling tool
  • Integrated accounting and payroll module
  • Inventory and tire storage management
  • Internal messaging for better communication
  • Interfaces with partner web catalogs
  • Replacement vehicle management
  • Scalable, bilingual solution with regular updates

In March of 2013, after using the same software for 25 years and after considerable reflection, we decided to change systems and opted for AutoWay. After getting used to the new system, we are now happy to be working with an all-in-one solution that allows us to eliminate certain manual tasks, including the balancing of accounts. AutoWay allows us to tightly manage our work thanks to the analytics tools it provides, including the user dashboard.

Claire Messier
Garage Messier de Terrebonne