All-In-One Management System for
Auto Parts Jobbers and Distributors

JMS is a management system designed to meet the needs of wholesalers and distributors of auto parts.

The benefits

  • Multi-store and multi-company software.
  • Software on local server or cloud computing solution.
  • Possibility of SAG (store and workshop).
  • Software open to workshop management solutions.
  • Robust system and proven against data loss.


  • Easy-to-use invoicing system.
  • Send orders and receive an acknowledgment of receipt of the order form with our EDI system.
  • Prices and discounts that can be configured by individual, by group or by volume.
  • Management of access levels for employees for more security.
  • Easy client return and “core” management.
  • Real-time stock management for easy ordering and transfers between stores.
  • Automatic creation of end-of-month and end-of-year records.
  • Integrated accounting.
  • Price lists importation.
  • Interfaces with different partners and electronic catalogues.
  • Receipt of merchandise, physical inventory count, return creation and export personalized Excel report.
  • Scalable bilingual system with regular upgrades.
  • Works with price verifiers in the sales area.
  • Dashboard.

We have been with JMS from Carrus for over 10 years now. We decided to switch over to JMS as our old system did not offer the features we required.

JMS has permitted us to become much more productive and efficient. The easy-to-use invoicing system and interface with the electronic catalogue have become essential for our counter personnel. If ever we run into any problems, the Carrus customer support is always available. They are courteous and professional, and they get the problem resolved quickly.

As our business evolves so does JMS. They are constantly innovating and upgrading the software. We look forward to implementing the new features this year.

Bottom line: switching to JMS was one of the best decisions we made. We would recommend this management solution to any auto parts store looking to improve their efficiency and become more profitable.

Tiffany Favelle,
Elmac Auto Electric Ltd


We have used JMS ever since it arrived on the market nearly 15 years ago, and we have never regretted our decision. It is a system that is reliable, fast, scalable and easy to use, and meets all of our needs. The technical support offered by the Carrus team is impeccable; this is one of the things I appreciate the most. The advent of the electronic catalog and the integration of price lists make day-to-day tasks much easier for our 65 employees who are working at our 4 locations.

Sylvain Lacroix
Pièces d’Auto Lacroix (Auto Parts Plus)


JMS has allowed us to increase the speed of our work. The software does many useful things and is easy to use. [With JMS] we can generate different kinds of performance reports, and the ability to order parts online is much appreciated. The technical support provided by Carrus is always courteous and very professional. If a problem does arise, a solution is always close at hand. It was other BestBuy franchisees that convinced us to try JMS and we are very satisfied with it.

Richard Cliche
Entrepôt Auto Québec Inc.


The Carrus Delivery Tracking system has become an indispensable part of our business. It’s the best way to manage our delivery routes efficiently, helping us to reduce the waiting time in our workshops.

Dany Lacroix,
Bumper to Bumper - Pièces d’Auto Lacroix


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