All-In-One Management System for
Auto Parts Jobbers and Distributors

The benefits

JMS is a management system designed to meet the needs of wholesalers and distributors of auto parts.

JMS is fully integrated with WHI and Epicor electronic catalogs and features an easy-to-use invoicing system. You can easily search and access customer files by name, telephone number or customer number, and can switch between multiple invoices or submissions that are in progress.

Thanks to a flexible pricing structure, JMS allows you to decide which price to sell a part at, while including an option for rebates such as promotions or bulk discounts. The ability to import price lists and special promotions ensures that you always offer the correct price to your customers, while also reducing the risk of clerical errors.

JMS’ intelligent inventory management system provides you with clear indications about what to buy and what to return, allowing for the tight management of stock and optimization of the value of your inventory.

Count on JMS to help you simplify your operations and to control your profit margins.

Mobile Solutions

Our Mobile CRM and Delivery Tracking apps make it easy to manage customer orders, track deliveries, manage sales teams in real time and more.

Mobile CRM

Carrus Mobile CRM provides you with powerful customer and order management tools in an easy-to-use mobile application.

Delivery Tracking

Carrus Delivery Tracking provides all the tools you need for efficient tracking of customer orders.


  • Easy-to-use invoicing system
  • Prices and discounts that can be configured by individual, by group or by volume
  • Easy client return and “core” management
  • Real-time stock management for easy ordering and transfers between stores
  • Automatic creation of end-of-month and end-of-year records, with integrated accounting
  • Price lists importation
  • Interfaces with different partners and electronic catalogues
  • Bar code technology automates the ordering and inventory management process
  • Dashboard

Mobile solutions Features

Mobile CRM

  • Access to Important Resources
  • Complete customer profile, including order history
  • Sales follow-up
  • Invoices and quotes
  • Calendar integration
  • GPS Services
  • Visual map of customers and prospects in the area
  • Real-time tracking of sales team

Delivery Tracking

  • Order and Route Information
  • Complete list of orders to be delivered on any given day
  • Organizes, sets up delivery route for the day
  • GPS navigation from your location to customer address
  • Details of order contents for on-the-spot confirmation
  • Supplies dispatch with complete order list for the day
  • Customer Service Tools
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Signature tracking with POD management
  • Automated Email/SMS notifications for customer orders
  • Supplies delivery efficiency reports

JMS has allowed us to increase the speed of our work. The software does many useful things and is easy to use. [With JMS] we can generate different kinds of performance reports, and the ability to order parts online is much appreciated. The technical support provided by Carrus is always courteous and very professional. If a problem does arise, a solution is always close at hand. It was other BestBuy franchisees that convinced us to try JMS and we are very satisfied with it.

Richard Cliche
Entrepôt Auto Québec Inc.


The Carrus Delivery Tracking system has become an indispensable part of our business. It’s the best way to manage our delivery routes efficiently, helping us to reduce the waiting time in our workshops.

Dany Lacroix,
Bumper to Bumper - Pièces d’Auto Lacroix


We have used JMS ever since it arrived on the market nearly 15 years ago, and we have never regretted our decision. It is a system that is reliable, fast, scalable and easy to use, and meets all of our needs. The technical support offered by the Carrus team is impeccable; this is one of the things I appreciate the most. The advent of the electronic catalog and the integration of price lists make day-to-day tasks much easier for our 65 employees who are working at our 4 locations.

Sylvain Lacroix
Pièces d’Auto Lacroix (Auto Parts Plus)